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BioSuisse Certification

Our commitment to organic products

Our organic certification represents our commitment to creating high-quality products and is at the heart of the values we hold dear at Primrose Secret Garden.

We worked hard over the required number of years to reach the high standards required for BioSuisse certification and proudly maintain these.

Our BioSuisse certificate BL-107132 applies to beekeeping, farming, and our culinary laboratory, where we transform our organic ingredients into high-quality products.

Every year our hives, farm, and culinary laboratory - along with all of the processes we use to maintain them - are inspected by the Swiss authorities to ensure we meet the strict requirements of biodynamic farming.

Today, we nurture organic hives bees, grow biodynamic fruits and vegetables, maintain a certified culinary laboratory, and transform our farm-raised ingredients into high-quality, organic products for customers like you to enjoy!

If you would like to read more about BioSwiss certification, click here.

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